The 10 Most Valuable Oil and Gas Solution Providers

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Carl McCauley | CEO | 360Factors Inc - Insights Success

360factors: Revolutionizing Face of Oil & Gas Industry

Faced with unprecedented regulatory burdens, oil and gas companies have the challenge of managing their OSHA, BSEE, USCG, DOT, EPA, Conflict Minerals, NI-52109, COBIT, ISO […]

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Information Technology Revolution

In recent years we have been witnessing a tsunami of changes in the information age and the fastest rate of change every aspect of social […]

Bob Gold | Founder & CEO | Bob Gold & Associates - Insights Success

By Bob Gold, Founder, President & CEO, Bob Gold & Associates In today’s data-driven tech world, it appears the priority is all about the speed […]

Green Energy VS Conventional Energy: Who Will Be in the Front Row? - Insights Success
Green Energy VS Conventional Energy: Who Will Be in the Front Row?

We humans are entirely dependent on fossil fuel as of now.Fossil fuel helps us to run our cars, factories, light up our homes and streets, […]

The Recovering Oil and Gas Market - Insights Success
The Recovering Oil and Gas Market

According to a recent study, earth’s crust may hold massive 6,000 billion barrels of oil as its reserves, which also include around 3,000 billion barrels […]

Kandy Lukats | CEO | 3GiG - Insights Success
3GiG: Delivering Decision Making Applications to O&G Companies

The tradition of investing time and money to create custom programs and supporting it over its lifecycle is obsolete now. To match the rapid development […]

Todd Benson | CEO | Motive Drilling Technologies, Inc - Insights Success
MOTIVE Drilling Technologies: Leading Directional Drilling Decision-Automation Firm

Directional drilling technology has been lagging behind other technical advances which led to the tremendous growth of horizontal drilling in North American shale plays. The […]

Ben Sparrow | Founder & CEO | Saltworks Technologies - Insights Success
Saltworks Technologies: Innovative Solutions for the World’s Most Challenging Waters

Saltworks Technologies Inc. is changing the way the world thinks about industrial wastewater. Saltworks develops, builds and operates cost saving, low energy solutions for desalination, […]