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Ingo Ernst | CEO & Co - Founder | 4 Stop - Insights Success

4Stop: Helping Businesses to Anticipate Risk

Based out of Cologne, Germany, with offices across North America and Costa Rica, 4Stop, is a leading KYC, compliance and fraud prevention provider company. The […]

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Andrew Bagrin | Founder & CEO | My Digital Shield - Insights Success
The Need to Understand the Necessity of Innovation

Bigger, faster, everywhere!  The measurement of how we rate technology in general, but more specifically data communications. From the days of spending hundreds of dollars […]

customergcyngcoovation - Insights Succss
Should Innovation be Customer-driven?

If Henry Ford had questioned people what they wanted, would they really have said ‘faster horses’? In the realms of business and innovation, Henry Ford […]

Technology, the Core of Every Single Company Today - Insights Success
Technology, the Core of EverySingle CompanyToday

Today, no matter what services or products it provides, every company is a technology company. The companies that shape our world truthfully embrace this fact. […]

Social Responsibility to the Community and the Environment - Insights Success
Social Responsibility to the Community and the Environment

The Social responsibilities of corporate companies are known as Corporate Social Responsibility. It is a duty of the corporate body to protect the interest of […]

Jakob Kesje | Founder | IVISYS - Insights Success
In an Ever Faster Changing World Extreme Configurability is the Answer

The “scalable software business” is enabling the rapid growth of many of the current day disrupting companies, such as Uber and Airbnb. This should be […]

Nikolaus Suhr | Co-founder & CEO | KASKO -Insights Success
Using (Insur)Tech partnerships as pillar of your (digital) strategy

“Tech is always a bottleneck when it comes to implementing our strategies” “Startups are disrupters trying to eat our cake” “Digital is just another distribution […]

Jim Foster | CEO | Riskonnect Inc. - Insights Success
Riskonnect Inc.: Identifying and Controlling Threats Efficiently

Risk Management is a process of identifying, assessing, and controlling threats of an organization’s capital and earnings. These threats could stem from a wide range […]

Jack Zahran | President | Pinkerton - Insights Success
Pinkerton: A Century Old Leader in the Risk Management Space

Pinkerton’s origin dates back more than 165 years, when Allan Pinkerton founded the Pinkerton National Detective Agency in 1850. Back then, they aided law enforcement […]

Best Boerman | CEO | Governance - Insights Success
Governance.Com: Helping Achieve Good Internal Governance

Built on two pillars, technology and support, is a powerful solution that helps regulated and unregulated companies achieve good internal governance. The technology of […]

Philippe Courtot | CEO | Qualys, Inc. - Insights Success
Qualys: Building Security and Compliance into the Digital Transformation

Organizations today face a major challenge: To digitally transform their business amidst an increasingly complex regulatory business environment. Digital transformation — the use of cloud […]

Kabir Barday | CEO | OneTrust - Insights Success
OneTrust: A Global Leader in Privacy Management Software

Backed by the founders of Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ: MANH) and AirWatch ($1.54B acq. by VMware), Atlanta- and London-based OneTrust is a global leader in enterprise […]