The 10 Most-trusted POS Solution Providers 2017

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Nick Thalas | Founder & CEO | SilverWare POS - Insights Success

SilverWare POS: The Peerless Customer Centric POS Solutions Provider

To ensure you are operating your restaurant with optimal efficiency, all you need is the POS (Point of Sale) system that can help you expedite […]

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IoT Business will boost the Economy in the Next Decades

By José Antônio Scodiero, Director, Founding Partner of Fast Company Brazil The world of the Internet of Things promises to be the main engine of […]

Alexey Shliakhouski | IT Director | Elinext Group - Insights Success
Mastering Big Data with Oracle Solutions

Do you know how much data is flowing in and out your company? The world produces data in amounts that cannot be digested by companies. […]

John Beatty | Founder | Clover - Insights Success
Clover: Get Paid, Sell More and Run Your Business Better

Every business is unique. Because of this, many may find that none of the off-the-shelf point-of-sale systems meet all of their business’s requirements. Some industry-specific […]

Dax Dasilva | Founder & CEO | Lightspeed - Insights Success
Lightspeed: Providing Tools For Independent Businesses To Thrive

Firm believer of ‘With the right technology, business owners can sell more, make their customers happier, and actually make the world a better place’, Lightspeed […]

Amit Jhas | CEO | Lucova - Insights Success
Lucova: Win The Moments That Matter

From inception, the point-of-sale and payments industry has been catering to the demand of making payment information more secure and transactions more convenient. The disruption […]

Brad Hill | Director Of Global Sales & Marketing | Vroozi - Insights Success
Leverage Existing SAP Solutions with Cloud Procurement

Companies that have already invested in SAP find that they can achieve even better results from their existing investment with cloud technology and eProcurement. After […]

Key POS Trends Reshaping the Retail Sector - Insights Success
Key POS Trends Reshaping the Retail Sector

In recent times, the retail industry hasn’t seen a more exciting invention since the invention of cash register. With new and innovative technologies helping shape […]

POS Systems, Turning into the Technology of Choice - Insights Success
POS Systems, Turning into the Technology of Choice

As the world moves further and quicker into a flourishing technical age, so should the way we conduct our business. POS systems are quick turning […]