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Jean Luc Freymond | CEO & Owner | SAGE Group - Insights Success

SAGE Group: A Leading Software Publisher Dedicated to the Wealth Management Industry

Wealth Managers traditionally work in an exceptionally unpredictable and competitive environment. This complexity originates from the constantly changing regulations that they should comply with, and […]

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Alexander Bachmann | Founder & CEO | admitad- Insights success
admitad: Empowering the CPA Affiliate Network in Publishing and Advertising Industry

Advertisers are increasingly relying on the affiliate channel to broaden their brand exposure with relevant context. Today, the majority of publishers take this opportunity to […]

Pasca Bergeot | Founder & CEO | Goverlan Reach - insights Success
Goverlan Reach: Prospecting the Enterprise IT and MSP Markets

The technology improvements are growing at an exponential rate, and this is even more true for Enterprise IT. Enterprise technology must change, adapt or mutate […]

Jeff Spence | CEO | NexDefense - Insights Success
NexDefense: Innovating in Industrial Cybersecurity

Once upon a time, industrial control system (ICS) environments were wholly engineered environments, with deterministic designs optimized around the physical process of the plant, rig, […]

Steven O Hanlon | President & CEO | Numerix - Insights Success
Numerix: Offering Pricing, Risk, Analysis & Trade Management in Real-Time

Most people associate the fintech industry with financial services sectors such as payments, remittance, peer-to-peer lending, and personal financial management. But over the course of […]

Dr. Jon Ryder | CEO | Oji Fibre Solutions - Insights Success
Oji Fibre Solutions: Upsurging in the Industry of Pulp, Paper, and Packaging

Pulp, paper and packaging company Oji Fibre Solutions is owned by Oji Holdings and Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ). They have manufacturing sites in […]

Caitlin MacGregor | CEO | Plum - Insights Success
Plum: I/O Psychology & AI Combined for HR Professionals

When it comes to advancements in HR and Talent management technology, the recent trend has been to focus on the impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) can […]

V.K. Bhandari | Chairman & MD | Supertron Electronics - Insights Success
Supertron Electronics Pvt. Ltd.: Distribution Giant of Information Technology and Telecom Company in India

Under the government’s motto of Make in India; it is expected to encourage manufacturing in India with the cost-effectiveness of the products. According to the […]

Alex Zarrabi | CEO | Touchless Biometric Systems- Insights Success
Touchless Biometric Systems: The New Benchmark in Biometrics

In the world we are living in today, security technology has made it possible for millions of people to use biometrics to access their smartphones. […]

Mark Gazit | CEO | ThetaRay - Insights Success
ThetaRay: Transforming the way the world benefits from data

ThetaRay is a big data analytics solutions provider that harnesses the power of unsupervised machine learning to protect financial institutions and other organizations against unknown […]

Ivan Lingga | CEO | - Insights Success
Whizliz: One of the Most Trusted E-Commerce Platforms for Luxury Accessories

The current industry scenario in Indonesia is very conventional and traditional. The market is becoming too saturated as new players in the industry are following […]

A Digital Step towards Wealth Management- Insights Success
A Digital Step towards Wealth Management

Wealth has found an utmost importance in human life and as well as in organizations life-cycle. The human creation i.e. wealth, is now driving humans […]

Nikolaus Suhr | Co-founder & CEO | KASKO -Insights Success
Using (Insur)Tech partnerships as pillar of your (digital) strategy

“Tech is always a bottleneck when it comes to implementing our strategies” “Startups are disrupters trying to eat our cake” “Digital is just another distribution […]

Nino Tarantino | North American CEO | Octo Telematics - Insights Success
Octo Telematics: Revolutionizing the Global Telematics Industry

The insurance industry is in the middle of a major exemplar shift as it prepares for an imminent future of smart cities and self-driving cars, […]