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Damian Crotty | Founder & Group CEO | CloudFX - Insights Success

CloudFX: Helping Businesses Transform into Digital Organizations

The purpose of cloud automation is to ease the complexity that comes with cloud computing adaptation and help businesses leverage themselves. The technology relates itself […]

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How Will Cloud Computing Be By 2020?

The future has a great promise when it comes to the cloud. No doubt, cloud computing has taken off in the recent years with business […]

Jeff Carkhuff | VP | Itron - Insights Success
Technology and Network Convergence: Forging a Path to Smart Grid, Smart Cities and Internet of Things

By Jeff Carkhuff, VP-Global Electricity Solutions Marketing, Itron Quote: “Led by companies such as Cisco and Itron, a growing ecosystem of smart grid technology providers […]

Juliana Button | Manager - Marketing & Events | Rubicon Red - Insights Success
Cloud KickStart – Accelerating Speed to Value in the Oracle Cloud

To be competitive, organizations are looking to use technology to drive innovation into their products and services, and simultaneously deliver efficiencies.  The Cloud promises to […]

Migrating the Data Warehouses into the Cloud- Insights Success
Migrating the Data Warehouses into the Cloud

The cloud has now become a well-established deployment option for business applications. It provides an exceptional ground for grounding the business intelligence systems, as it […]

Stephen Hendry | CEO | Artha Infotama - Insights Success
Artha Infotama: Delivering Business Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Demonstrating one’s proven expertise in delivering quality solutions in one or more specialized areas of business is a Microsoft Gold Competency Partner’s forte, and a […]

Mike Theriault | President & CEO | ITsavvy - Insights Success
ITsavvy: You’ve got the vision. Let’s make it happen

If you still think organizations are transitioning to the cloud, ITsavvy thinks you’ve got it all wrong. Most organizations have already embraced the cloud, either […]

Mark Simpson | Director & Owner | M-Power Solutions - Insights Success
M-Power Solutions: Helping Organisations Unlock the Power of Business Data

Even today, on-premises EnterprisePerformance Management (EPM)solutions remain the dominant use-case in the corporate environment. Finance departments have been spending millions of dollars implementing EPM systems […]

Gaurav Solanki | CEO | Deepraj Software Services -Insights Success
Deepraj Software Services: Gaining Prominence with its Superior Products & Quality Services

Information Technology and its associated solutions are faster becoming the epicenter of all business operations. With a highly competitive business environment, there is a constant […]