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David Friedland | COO | Innovative Routines International ( IRI ) - Insights Success

IRI Voracity: An Insatiable Appetite for Data

In the era of big data, two of the biggest challenges that IT professionals face are: 1) speeding insight from variable data sizes, formats, and […]

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Big Data Analytics Key To Business Growth

Just a while ago, companies were not sure about using big data analytics for business execution. There was a simple reason for the organization to […]

Can Analytics Change the Way Companies Collaborate and Consume Technology?

Can we honestly say that our professional day starts with a morning clearly with intentions as to what we should be doing, how we should […]

Connecting Dark Data with IoT

By Adrian Hinrichsen, Marketing & Business Development Director of Datumize The above infographic is astonishing when you really delve into the numbers. The last few […]

An Insight on the Opportunities in the Big Data Industry- Insights Success
An Insight on the Opportunities in the Big Data Industry

In this era of changing technologies, the Big Data domain has evolved in a very short period of time. It plays the most pivotal role […]

Alex Lesser | Chief Strategy Officer | PSSC Labs - Insights Success
PSSC Labs: Delivering Hand-Crafted HPC & Extraordinary Big Data Computing Solutions

Innovation and evolution are the two other names of technology and change is the other name for improvement. Every innovation begins with experimentation and ends […]

Steven Ramirez | CEO | Beyond the Arc - Insights Success
The Power of Predictive Insights

With access to more data than ever, we now have the tools to harness it to optimize strategy. From acquiring new customer relationships, to tailored messaging, […]

Hadoop Market will upsurge to $54.2 billion in the near future: Industry Forecast- Insights Success
Hadoop Market will upsurge to $54.2 billion in the near future: Industry Forecast

According to Industry forecast, the Global Hadoop Marketplace is poised to grow at a CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) of around 42.7 percent over the […]

Tech Talk - Insights Success
Trajectory of Hadoop’s Future and its Effects on the Industry

“For all those folks running around saying Hadoop is dead – they’re dead wrong,” asserts George Corugedo, CTO at RedPoint Global. Hadoop has evolved through […]