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Banks and other financial institutions need to find a way to move forward. Transformation is not a choice for them. It is a mandate to survive

Numerix: Offering Pricing, Risk, Analysis & Trade Management in Real-Time

Most people associate the fintech industry with financial services sectors such as payments, remittance, peer-to-peer lending, and personal financial management. But over the course of the last few years, a new kind of fintech activity emerged in the capital market space. What happened? The capital markets industry entered into a state of flux as seismic shifts, brought about in large part by the complexities and huge costs associated with regulatory changes, fundamentally altered the way banks conducted over-the-counter derivatives trading and significantly impacted their bottom line………………….
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The 10 Best Fintech Companies To Watch 2017


HashChing: Own Your Home Sooner

From the decade we can see the sudden growth in FinTech industry space. While this growth has seen the emergence of FinTechs that are seeking to directly compete with incumbent players, there is an...

N26: A Bank Account for Your Phone

We can see massive shifts in market shares of the fintech industry over the past few years. The change is happening today, not tomorrow. And the tech focused players will shape the future of...

NewBanking: The Next Generation of Banking Process

Current processes for client onboarding of financial services institutions involve collecting documents and face-to-face checking or individually engaging with reference agencies to verify customer identity against independent data sources. Consumers must always repeat these...

Pair Finance: Dynamic and Data-based Debt Collection

Nowadays people are ordering products and services online with one-click and without any media discontinuity. But, the debt collection process followed by finance industry is still very traditional, static and old-fashioned branch of the...

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Blockchain in Business

Blockchain for most is a cryptic term never heard of before, or at best associated with tech types. But this lack of awareness of blockchain is in no way an indicator of the lack...

A new FinTech hub is emerging in Europe

Generally, when talking about the FinTech sector, we automatically associate the concept with a place; specifically with San Francisco, in the US, and London, in the UK. Without a doubt, they are the two...

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FinTech: The NextGen Technology

Financial Technology or FinTech is completely transforming the way financial services companies function and how the businesses buy, protect and manage wealth in this FinTech era. In 2016, the greatest challenge for the banking...

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FinTech: Changing the Face of Financial Services across the Globe

The rise of digital technology has dramatically altered the landscape in the financial-services sector.  FinTech (Financial Technology) is today changing the face of traditional financial services. From lending money, wealth management, asset management or...