Recursion Funding

A Decade for 100 new Drugs Discovery gets catalyst of $60M...

Recursion, a pharmaceutical drug discovery startup situated in Salt Lake city, Utah, has announced a $60M funding in round B Series, led by Data...

Veterans Health Administration Launches A New Program

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin stated that the Department of Veterans Affairs is facing lots of sturdy challenges. Department Of Veteran Affairs has decided...

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For centuries writing has evolved with advancing technologies, expanding art landscape and changing human civilization; and it is stated to continue over the years. From the Stone Age days to the revolution of printing press, from the metallic nibs...

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This Fintech Consultant Company Announces Collaboration with the South Florida Accelerator

Fintech consultant firm, Synechron, announced that it is now collaborating with The South Florida Accelerator. Synechron is now a stakeholder and strategic partner of accelerator’s business platform. The...


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Wine Sutra: The Art of Making Wine

Wine making is an art and so is tasting, from ancient ages brewing and tasting wine, is considered to be a privilege. The elite class feel of tasting exotic wines can be summed up with three words; “Smell, Swirl and Sip.” On the part...