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Japan Healthcare Analytics Market to Exhibit Phenomenal Growth Over 2017-2024, Presence...

Healthcare analytics market is projected to carve out a profitable roadmap over the coming seven years, pertaining to the rising adoption of the big...
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The Government Announces plans to Expand Medicare Advantage value-based insurance design...

The federal government has announced plans to expand the Medicare Advantage value-based insurance design model to another 15 states in 2019. The plan as...

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For centuries writing has evolved with advancing technologies, expanding art landscape and changing human civilization; and it is stated to continue over the years. From the Stone Age days to the revolution of printing press, from the metallic nibs...

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The X-factor and the never-ending journey of the soul

X factor is assumed to be a mysterious factor that becomes most impactful in determining the ultimate outcome of our lives. Many people search...


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The Clearer Label Plan announced in UK to avoid Food Waste

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The food usability judgements have remained uneducated from many years in UK, which is resulting in affecting the country economy. Thus, the solvation of the issue is necessary. The Waste Management Agency, WRAP, stated that around 2 million tonnes of food is wasted in...